Raspberry Pi and simple home automation

Was it Russian version of 'Game and watch’ (very popular in Poland years, years ago) or early PDAs (Personal Data Assistants), was it NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) and it’s home-brew development, finishing on Raspberry Pi, which is somehow my 'dream-come-true’ machine. Yes, there are PCs, laptops. But not only they consume lot’s of power, but also learning electronics using them is a bit risky.

I am with Raspberry Pi almost three years, starting using B+, so four USB ports and 512MB of RAM. And it is still working, but I’ve bought more of them so support my ideas. And there were many of them.

I wanted to have hardware that:

– is stable and supported

– user community is big and supportive

– will make me creative

– will not limit my creativity

Working as IT person (databases, ERP systems, programming) I was always focused on Windows environment. Either as an admin, or IT systems deployment, or project manager. Even that I’ve started on Atari 65XE, then DOS, I have to admit that Windows changed our lives. Raspberry made me thinking 'the old way’ again, which was great! Bash, root, character mode – there is some kind of an 'elite myth’ 😉

But to be serious – very often you can not just click and run solutions – you have to create them. And that was main goal – make my brain spinning all the time. You know, sometimes living in 21st century makes you acting like robot (wake up, breakfast for kids, coffee for my wife, to kindergarten, to school, work, to the shop…), not having time to create, even re-create your own way, which is also interesting.

And that is the purpose of this blog – creativity, smart home, Raspberry Pi, thinking, developing, fun!

I am writing just for myself. But if there is someone that reads that – even better!

Hi and welcome to my cave!